Womens Watches

Fashion and design with all the technology and functionality. Your watch will not resemble that of the male counterpart.
Ladies watches today bring artistic designs, delegate features and dial interfaces with all the powerful technologies available.





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With an unwavering drive for perfection, efficiency and precision, quality craftsmanship is the foundation upon which Bulova is built.


What fueled the brand’s continual progress was its spirit of invention - pursuing innovation and technology both within the timepiece industry – and beyond. Bulova’s industry innovations included everything from pioneering standardized production of watches to developing the first fully electronic watch with proprietary tuning-fork based technology making it at the time the most accurate watch in the world. But the breakthroughs reached beyond the world of timekeeping alone. Today, Bulova is driven by the same core principles of craftsmanship, innovation and technology that guided their visionary founder over 140 years ago. Bulova sets their own standards and creates their own rules - breaking boundaries along the way to deliver the exceptional.







Their name speaks to their belief of inclusion with a multi-cultural mindset to create timepieces that can be enjoyed
by citizens all over the world.

As a “citizen of the world”, Citizen bears the responsibility to help cultivate positive change and on-going evolution to their craft. For over 40 years, CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology has served as the prime example of how the brand is dedicated to making the world and its environment a better place. A simple yet revolutionary concept, Eco-Drive harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy. Using a renewable natural resource instead of filling our landfills with discarded watch batteries. Citizen is recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced technology. From the world’s slimmest LCD watch, to the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, to the first voice recognition watch, Citizen’s record of world’s first is unmatched. The motivation behind each of these “firsts” is the goal to make the watch experience better for each and every customer.